Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"I know I can't do without
The future's trying to wait"

Word for word, it takes me back to how I met, fell in and slowly out of love
with you

For years this has been a favourite song of mine
except the lyrics never made any sense to me- how could they?
But then I heard the words again today 
every single line was illuminated with a memory

And just like that
This song will always belong to you

Saturday, May 20, 2017


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Funnily enough, when we returned from recess week I actually had such a hard time coping with school in those 2 days.. had SO much work to do and it was actually pretty stressful for that short period of time ahaha.
Headed out for morning class, then Bev's birthday brunch!
Can I just say how much I fkg appreciate their variety of bread condiments n refillable coffees (I had four that morning LOL) Think I spent the rest of the day writing a stupid ass report, then night time we headed to celebrate Bev's again :)
Love u crazy girl!!!!!!!
The next day was a terrible one, I ended up staying up so late doing the stupid report that I skipped all of my classes that day hahaha can't believe I still remember it so clearly. I proceeded to sleep till 4pm or something like that, then headed out to have dinner with Jy (even though I hadn't even packed for the next day's trip lol)
Always that one person drinking coffee at 10pm
And I came home to this colossal mess that was the US elections -_- Lol, to think Donald Trump was getting elected and I was literally flying into NYC the next morning...
Much of that first day whizzed past (mostly just settling down, waiting for Gilly's bf Jason to arrive and then, finally:
Yellowcard's Farewell concert!!!!!!!!! Mega loves xxx
Thank u for accompanying me Gilly, u r a very good friend :') x
Any YC fans in the house can see how this is just the BEST COUPLE TEE EVER
So fucking amazing. I love u guys forever, thank u for growing up with me :')
Concert crew!!! Who I barely saw anyway cause I was so busy blissing out n screaming like fuck HAHAHA
Me right after LOLOL.... totally lost my voice and I had ringing in my ears for days -_-
Crossin' the Brooklyn Bridge the next morning on the way to our lunch place! 
Blessed with the best weather imaginable x
Our lunch at Peter Luger's steakhouse :) After which this stock photo couple headed off on their ferry tour, so Jy and I decided to check out some galleries along The High Line, and were lucky enough to witness twilight bathe the entire city in pink
Bloody gorgeous place x
^ apt
Live musicians along the High Line
Weather was so much better the second time round as compared to the dreary rainy first, and that alone showed me how much it could change my opinion of a city. NYC defo got me heart that second time round
When we got onto bean bags at Muji and just basically gave up all movement for a good half an hour hahahaha 
Reunited with the couple at home (after a nice Sephora trip teehee) and then headed for dinner at this place I'd found online cause they sell MEEPOK!!!!! :p
Not too shabby!!!!!!! Perhaps the only thing u can call meepok in North America
And I had me some curry chicken noodles. Don't even know if this is avail in SG but it was pretty good nevertheless ahaha
LOL idek
Ended the night at this rooftop bar where they provided red robes cause it was so cold LOL
Kena dug out of bed early again by this auntie hehe
If my memory serves me right we headed to Soho that morning for some cronuts, then once again split up to do our own thing!
And kena drag to this place again for lunch again lmao. Headed to some bookstores around the area and then finally stopped for a break
Clearly I was exhausted outta ma mind
New York Sunshine
#airplaneviews of Montreal
Didn't take as many photos this time around cause I'd already seen NYC before, so this was a lot more of absorbing the city around me and taking it all in with good company and much more relaxed itinerary ahaha. I think that's prolly what made the trip for me, when you know a place it's just a lot easier to enjoy it more properly rather than on a tight timeline, you know?

Either way, that was the last trip us girls took to the US (without even knowing it, really), and I'm finally getting closer to finishing up these exchange posts ahaha. ONWARDS!!!!!!


oregon: trees and camping

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Next up was the final leg of my recess week travels: a week in Oregon to visit Wendi! Discovered a beautiful state of nature, and there are so many bloody photos; I'll leave them to do the talking.
So after a series of flights I basically zombied through, I reunited with Miss Wendi Lai!!!! This is her n Bebop, our Airbnb host's amazing dog :')
Smallest park in the world.....LOLOLOL
You will not believe the lengths we went to just to visit this 
Glittery walls at Voodoo Donuts :)
Carved a pumpkin since it was Halloween and we wanted it to be No Face but LOL it was surprised Roger as well!!!!!!!!
Beautiful cat also owned by our host. I still miss her :'(
Fall colours of Oregon :) We also went to a haunted house that night but I can't seem to find photos of it..
Anyhoo, the next day we were going on a camping adventure!!!!!!!! So we got up early and had some delicious trashy IHOP for breakfast :) I Am Sam feels
According to Wendi it was one of the few blue skies she'd ever seen since arriving in Oregon, so I was a lucky lil shit so have experienced such nice weather :-)
Hemp leaves...LMAO
Random pit stops on the way to our camp site!!
We stopped at this amazing cheese factory that had delicious dairy products and like the best strawberry ice-cream ever LOL
Met an alumni from her school hahaha damn cute!!!
Finally reaching our campsite by da seaaaa :)
LOL it was real camping ok, for the fucking naysayers out there. Went through hell trying to pitch this tent, even getting the pins into the cold mud was so damn difficult...BUT WE MADE IT! Life skill unlocked
The area around our camp was beautiful :)
And yes, for some reason our tent was damn tiny... HAHAH #cosy 
Lighting this fucking propane lamp was also damn challenging.. LOL I don't think we'd ever googled that many "how to's" in our life
Took a seaside walk before cooking dinner! :)
Our surprisingly amazing dinner??? LOL thank god for Chef Wendi and the powers of a portable stove!
All we had for warmth at night was this bloody powerful lamp, LOL. Although honestly I was damn afraid it would topple over and burn us all in our sleep..

Not too long after we'd turned the light out and decided to snuggle up for sleep (at 8PM LOL!!) we started hearing animal sounds RIGHT outside our tent, and while I was busy losing my shit Ms Lai decided we should take a look at what it was. In my head it would either be a bear or boar that would eat us once we emerged from our tent...but NAY.

THEY WERE RACCOONS!!!!!!!! Hehehehehe I have so much affinity with raccoons man
Waking up the next morning with aching backs and FREEZING from the cold mud lmfao. It was so hilariously uncomfortable!!!!! God bless Mother Nature ahahaha. I remember cooking our breakfast that morning in like 300 layers of clothes LOL
Some really potent coffee right here
Avocado omelette with hash n a very cold Wendi :) After that we started to clean up our campsite and actually got invited for a second breakfast by this couple camping nearby :') Hours before we'd decided that since we were heading to another area that day (which was much colder), there would be no way we'd survive the night.....so we booked an Airbnb HAHAH. But before that, we still had a day's drive ahead of us!
I do believe this was taken at a random suburb of Salem :)
En route to Mount Hood!!!!!!!!
Seriously these things are my life
And when we finally reached Trillium Lake, it damn near took my breath away :')
Tired but happy af!!!!!
We look so warm n comfy in our camping garb
 And following the advice of the couple we'd met at our previous campsite, we made the gorgeous drive up to Timberline Lodge, where it was alr snowing!!

AND one thing I only (very sadly) found out a long time later, was that Stephen King's The Shining was actually filmed at Timberline Lodge!!!! Ok nobody cares but it's just so fucking cool that I got to see it myself :')
After this, it was time to head on over to our Airbnb for the night!
It entailed driving through a narrow ass road that looked like ^this for about 5 minutes and we were so convinced we were going to die....
BUT BEHOLD. Perhaps my favourite place to stay in the whole of US :')
Freaking massive backyard that even had a pond
Cooked ourselves a damn good steak dinner :D and passed the HELL out that night LOL my god I don't know how Wendi even survived with all the driving on top of the camping exhaustion.. plus I was so annoyed that I'd missed my BOSS bids lmfao
AMAZING coffee by the fireplace mornings
I really cannot stress how beautiful Oregon's trees are
Back to civilisation first order of business: CAWFEE
Kitty at a pumpkin patch farm 
We then picked up Bev n CX, headed back to Wendi's hostel and headed out for dinner :p That burger was damn bloody good, by the way
Everyone just fucking toh by the end of the night LOL......
Headed out for another few days of nature adventure on the road x
Ordered a spinach omelette from a random diner for breakfast....and I got caipeng egg
Smith Rock :)
And the crazy ass gorgeous Painted Hills!
Bloody itchy-handed girl Beverly Ng
After I think it was 2 days of driving around looking at all of the above, we spent our final night in Portland and then early next morning Bev and I would make our way back to Monty land!
Stunnin' lights over Chicago
Had a long ass layover in O'Hare with nothing to do.. so we decided to explore with Bev's camera functions HAHAHAHA
That next day was gonna be Bev's 22nd, so right before heading home I texted Ange n Gilly (who were alr home) so they could prep the birthday surprise.. 
And it WENT SO CATASTROPHICALLY LOL! I will never forget pretending to not have the keys and banging at the door while Bev and I could clearly hear Gill n Angie laughing behind the door.. cause they used sparklers which burnt off Angie's fkg thumbnails?? HAHAHAHA

Ah, good times good times. :") In any case, I was so damn happy to be back in our home and slept so well that night. Had school the next bloody day and then we were flying off AGAIN on Wednesday....but such is the exchange life. And that's it for the great Oregon adventure :)